Digital solutions

for humane growth.

Growth can only happen through people, but innovations need room to grow. Saarni Cloud’s cloud services free up your time for thinking, learning and real encounters – and meaningful work. Because only content people can change the world for the better.

Saarni Cloud is new
Finnish SaaS community.

Saarni Cloud is a Finnish software group and a SaaS pioneer whose services for personnel management, learning, working time monitoring, financial management and analytics are used by 400,000 people in more than 1,000 customer organizations.

Our goal is to be the most attractive SaaS community in Finland, in which the most progressive companies, employees and customers want to be a part of. In the future, we aim for every Finn in working life to use one or more of our services.

Stay in control of all your employment related matters.

In the personnel service industry, all the processes must be tightly controlled in order for the business to run smoothly. In Likeit you have working hours, tasks and salaries as well as customer relations and invoicing in the same service. All functionalities are clear and transparent, and the service is easy to use even on mobile.

Easier human resources management. Smoother everyday worklife.

Thanks to Finland’s most popular worktime management and HR solution, shift planning and salary service, you can easily manage all information related to employment relationships in one and the same service. Nepton streamlines the daily lives of more than 130,000 people in over 800 companies and communities.

Make competence your organization's competitive advantage.

Maintaining competence is vital for all organizations. With Saarni Learning’s Priima LMS, you can implement orientations, courses and online trainings effortlessly and cost-effectively. The easy-to-use learning environment is suitable for companies of all sizes, regardless of industry.

Personnel surveys and analytics with new dimensions.

Kiva Work is an easy-to-manage and fully automated digital personnel survey and analytics platform that allows you to effortlessly monitor the well-being of personnel and any other selected topics. Accurate reports and analytics help target development measures correctly.

Efficiency in the legal matter process.

CSI Helsinki’s software and services improve the management and invoicing of legal assignments and support the continuous development of processes. CSI is the market leader in Finland and the Baltics and is growing its customer base in Sweden.

User-friendly all-in-one HR user interface

With LeanHRX cloud service, companies get streamlined processes for personnel and salary management. The HR automation solution produces cost savings and scales according to the company’s operations.

More humane accountancy services.

Saarni Economics offers professional accounting services to customers of Saarni Clouds other services. Our in-depth approach into our customers’ needs enables us to offer just the right set of accounting, payroll and invoicing services.

Lead successfully with the right information

Saarni Intelligence helps customers of Saarni Clouds other services to identify the most important needs for leadership with knowledge and offers modern BI solutions to support operational and strategic management.

Career in Saarni Cloud?

Currently, there are about 150 of us, working in various roles ranging from customer service to software development and implementation projects, to new customer acquisition. We are united by a desire for meaningful work and human growth.

Come and work in our upbeat community and take part in developing the cloud services of the future.