Digital solutions for humane growth.

We help companies grow by offering state-of-the-art cloud services that solve everyday problems.

Our goal is to be the most popular SaaS group in Finland – a collective that the best companies and employees want to belong to.

Saarni Cloud is a new Finnish SaaS collective.​

Saarni Cloud is a software group offering SaaS services. 400,000 people in Finland and Northern Europe use our HR, learning, work time tracking, financial management and analytics services. Our collective already has more than 1,000 customer companies operating in various industries. Get to know our services via the links below.


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Mikko Konttila, 041 313 7345,

Saarni Economics

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Mikko Ylinen, 040 508 6071,

Saarni Intelligence

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Sami Wilkman, 0400 849 477,